Sugarloaf   Honey

 Although we prioritise training our horses to be the best, there is other activites that take place around the farm. Starting many summers ago we purchased 7 bee hives to place around the property to help pollinate our flowers and trees and also hopefully produce our own honey. Recently we opened one of our bee hives to find that it was full of the sticky substance and the delicious honeycomb. So we bough the basic equipment needed to harvest our first batch of honey.



So we arrived at the first hive with our tools and with Holly and Dad in their bee suits. Having no idea what to do we simple just had a go.



We started by being wowed at how much honey the bees had prodced but soon moved on to taking the first frame out.


Dad uncapped the first frame and placed it in the spinner, Mum, Holly, Joanna and John all watched as Dad and Teah spun the first two frames.

We waited for the honey to drip down the sides of the spinner.

Once there was a pool of honey at the bottom of the spinner we opened the latch so the honey could flow out and into the bucket.


Not having a clue what we were doing all the wax and other bits and pieces were allowed to flow into the bucket as well.


So we decided when we got back down to the house that we would try to sieve the honey.

Then we finally got a chance to pour it into the jars.

We collected 10 liters of honey from one box so we needed a few jars!!!

Teah, Holly and Joanna got on to desiging a logo for Sugarloaf Honey.






Sugarloaf Honey is pure honey with no treatment. 

It comes straight from the hive to you.

In the jar there is a couple pieces of honeycomb and a sprig of lavender to represent the amount of lavender on our property!


So we poured the content from the bucket throught a sieve which left behind the wax.

And out came the golden colour of pure marvellous tasting honey.