This Is Our Story

With a lifetime with horses, we chose a breed we knew nothing about apart from their majesty! Shires. Flash (Ingleside Flash Dance) was our first Shire, we fell in love with his character, strength and nature.  We always say if Flash hadn't of been the horse he is, we might not have continued with the breed.  We continued to buy Shires, until we were able to start breeding our own.

 We hired Phil to manage the herd...

An experienced horseman, he trained the horses in hand and

harness, assisted in choosing our breeding stock and commenced our

breeding program. We thank him for all that he taught both the horses

and humans. 

Marie was hired, and bought a much needed female touch to the

team.  Thanks to Phil and Marie we then began successfully showing.

Marie's visa expired and she returned to the UK.

We began attending our first shows, showing in-hand and in-harness.  We started with Hawkesbury Show, Camden Show and Oberon Show. We became more successful over time and expanded our wonderful herd of Shires.   Our showing experience grew with us attending more and more shows including Sydney Royal Easter Show - certainly the biggest show in Australia for Shires.  

We imported three Shires from the UK.

Our stallion, Bickers Court Cavalier and two mares Bewholme Antigone

in foal to Lockley Topsman, and Bodafon Grace in foal to Metheringham

Upton Hamlet.

At Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013 we had great success.

We won Champion Stallion and Supreme Champion Shire with Cavalier,

Champion Mare with Elsa, Reserve Champion Single Heavy Harness Horse

and Best Gelding with Flash. Teah Perdikaris age 12 won Junior Delivery

Driver, all this amongst many other awards.

We are proud supporters of the Shire horse breed and hope to support

and promote Shire horses for many years to come, particularly in harness.









Our logo "Working Companions" describes what we believe these horses should be.  We take seriously that we are preserving a way of life not practised regularly anymore, in fact it is living history.  Which is why all our horses are either put into harness with a vehicle or implements, and some of them are put under saddle.  We believe the horses we breed should be able to do the job they were bred for over many generations, and this can only be true if we continue to work them all in harness or saddle.  Whilst they are a 'boutique' they should not just be pets in the paddock or 'dogs on a lead'.