2014 Achivements


Our Stallion- Cavalier won supreme shire for the second year in a row.

Winning all of his led classes he was then able to compete for supreme shire for 2014. Competing against extreme owned by ingleside, Cavalier completed an exceptional workout placing him on top for the second year in a row with extreme coming second to Cavalier. next year we plan to win this title again so that he can be the only shire to of had this place for 3 years in a row.

Teah holds her title- she wins junior driver for the second year in a row.

This year Teah who was driving flash reentered in the junior driver class as well as her sister holly who was driving enterprise. With six people all competing for first place, Teah at age 13 placed first with holly at age 12 (minimum age) coming third to her. We are both extremely pleased with our placing`s and aim to do even better next year.
In addition to this wonderful result all three of us girls teah, holly and joanna all competed against each other in two classes junior handler and junior long rein. With about 13 entries in both classes Teah came first in both of them at age 13 with holly placing second in junior handler and third in junior long rein at age 12 and Joanna did not place in either classes however she is only 10 and tried her hardest to get the best place she could and will be working hard to get a better placing next year.

Marie wins lady driver

This year Marie competed in the lady driver class for her first time. She entered the class feeling nervous but came out feeling like a superstar as she completed the course only to find herself winning the class. Driving Flash they worked together to get the result they did and were certainly dressed like superstars as well.

4th in Evening delivary parade

As every year goes by we always compete in the Evening Delivary Parade as it is a fun class for all the family to compete in. We can dress up and wow the crowd with our 1940s style wagons. Since the beginning we have been working our way up the line to eventually come in one of the top places. This year we entered the class with Flash and Enterprise pulling our Shellys wagon which back in the day sold soft drinks. After we had done our rounds around the arena to please the crowd, we lined up to find ourselves called forward in fourth place. We were very excited to come fourth out of a large group of people. This was a great achivement for us and shows hard work will always pay off.  We aim to achieve higher next year.