Sugarloaf Memorial Page

Flash was the first Shire we bought. He has a large streak of laziness, but is such a character and we love him so much. Flash has a highly successful show career including numerous champions.  A pair for Enterprise, and part of our team of four.


The Heart Of Sugarloaf Shires- His down to earth purity and kindness elicited our logo of 'Working Companions'. Flashs' temperament compelled us to fall in love with the breed and evenutally form one of the largest groups of Black Shries in Australia. He lead to thousands of memories that could never be forgotten by any of those that had the pleasure to interact with Flash.


May his soul roam free in a world plentiful of 'Arnotts Nice Biscuits'




Bodafon Grace and Metheringham Upton Hamlet
Pete passed away on Monday the 4th of November 2013.

Mugs(Muckel Flugger)


Mug passed away on Tuesday 28th of April 2015.



a rare Blue Roan colour

Viking passed away on the 25th of April 2015.